Saturday, April 11, 2009


Wow! That was a lot of information regarding podcasting. It seems so simple to do and there can be quite a number of applications for it. I can see a teacher using it to prepare the students for an upcoming class, or a principal giving a weekly address with it. I have a little more difficulty seeing a school library media specialist utilize it, unless she would use it for book reviews or previews on upcoming soon-to-be published books. However, all the possibilities are still unfolding and it is definitely a technology that is used by students all over (and all the time!) The application of Jing was really cool. I think I would need to fool around with it quite a lot to become comfortable with using it, but I can visualize the applications in a classroom quite vividly. Maybe the responsibility of the SLMS is to introduce these new technologies to teachers, to show them what is out there, and what could be used to help teach their students.

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