Saturday, March 21, 2009

Online conference

Hi. I enjoyed my spring break, even though I did work though it! The K12 online conference was very interesting and I enjoyed being able to watch it at my leisure. This format allows for re listening and watching whenever one needs a refresher and it does not cost anything!
The keynote presentation by Professor Stephen Heppel was very informative. I like his English accent. His phrase of "this is the death of education and the dawn of learning" was really true. If we now have the technology, we have to figure out what we want it to do for us. It is no longer true that the machines can't do something, since it can do everything, but rather, what do we want to do-how can we use this to further education in a new fashion, befitting the twentieth century. I think at this point we are in a flux and this will be realized in the upcoming future as we see the change in learning.
To other news, my powerpoint presentation is slowly emerging. I find if I work on the slides with pen and paper first, so I know basically what I want to put on there, I do not feel so overwhelmed when I work on the actual slides. It is a slow method-but it is working. The tutorial and presentations posted by my teacher really helped a lot as I never worked with powerpoint before!

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