Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Very Busy!

Wow-this has been a busy week!
First of all, we are starting to get started on the google docs page. It was funny, since this was supposed to be on online collaboration, that the first email I get from the other students was if we could all meet face-to-face! That is not going to work out, so we have a date on google chat!
Second-we are starting to work on our powerpoint presentations. Unfortunately, I have never worked on powerpoint before, so this seems a bit overwhelming. I would like to present to teachers about blogs-but that topic is huge! Why blog, literacy standards blogs meet, what students gain, what teachers gain, how to create a blog. I am trying to create the scope of what the powerpoint will teach but there is a massive amount of information available. I am also trying to think of the covert reasons for this presentation-maybe to form connections with teachers and show them that I (hopefully) am a resource for technology. Anyway, I will post later on how it is going!

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  1. I agree. In order to truly appreciate Google Docs and the possibilities it offers you meeting in person defeats the purpose. I have tried to use Google Docs to collaborate with groups in other projects but I tend to be the only one that follows through. I find it to be a great way to overcome the location barrier. It allows you to browse the groups ideas at your own convenience. A SLMS has a busy schedule and virtual collaboration is a great way to work around varying schedules.