Thursday, February 19, 2009

Internet Safety

Internet safety is a key issue nowadays. Since restricting access to information because of the inappropriate activity online is not feasible, allowing access and teaching Internet safety is a plausible solution. It was news to me that the SLMS is responsible for teaching this to student and staff, but on reflection, it made sense as the SLMS is responsible for the information literacy and Internet safety is a tool that needs to be used to obtain this information. I think within the LMC, a SLMS can direct students to databases and the computers are filtered to a certain extent. However, at home or elsewhere, the student may come into contact with bullies, predators etc and due to their naivete, not realize the proper course of protocol. Internet safety is a life skill, since even adults should not be giving out personal information online as well as the fact that once something is posted online whether a picture or information, it is then always accessible. I am in midst of taking the I-safe course and I will post when I am done as to what I think about its efficacy.

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