Thursday, February 12, 2009

Information Overload!

Whew-So many databases, so much information, so little memory. Wow-alot of these LMC have access to a lot of databases that have so much information. When I was observing at School of the Arts, the SLMS thoughtfully arranged for the Worldbook salesperson to come give a demonstration. It was fascinating to see how the information was arranged and the access it has for students-and this was one part of one database. It was called Worldbook Discover and was specifically created by Worldbook for students who read below grade level, reluctant readers, and ESL readers. It's visual dictionary, for example, showed the whole skeleton mapped out with the name of the bones on it. It had a cool text-to-speech option which spoke the highlighted segment when clicked on, and could read the whole article. It has the same information as Kids Worldbook, but the interface was on a higher level and a older student would not be embarrassed to use it. It also had a video series and could be translated into 14 different languages.
I am hearing about how NOVEL and other sources for free databases are limiting/cutting their access, but I think there will still be enough information available to students-as long as we teach them how to access it.

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