Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Assistive Devices in the SLMC

OK, I admit it. I am a heavy public library user, and I never even thought about assistive devices available in the library. Who knew? I guess if you need them, then they become very important to you as they affect YOUR accessibility to the information you need. These readings definately served a purpose for me as I now will take these accessibility issues into consideration. I think this is extremely important in a SLMC, as a student will not (usually) ask for adaptive technology, since they might not know they exist, or they might be too shy or embarressed to request it. However, if it is available, and there is an astute librarian manning the library, the SLMS can direct the student to the computer/devices he or she needs.
This also encourages SLMS to be proactive - explaining to the teachers what is available and what its purpose is, since teachers know their students needs better than the SLMS.
I also think that if low-grade adaptations are made to all computers, that will not affect students who do not need them, but will help students who do without affecting usability.
An SLMS who plans with the ideas of adaptive devices in her mind will definately have an overall positive effect on the SLMC. I hope that will be me.

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