Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Assistive Devices in the SLMC

OK, I admit it. I am a heavy public library user, and I never even thought about assistive devices available in the library. Who knew? I guess if you need them, then they become very important to you as they affect YOUR accessibility to the information you need. These readings definately served a purpose for me as I now will take these accessibility issues into consideration. I think this is extremely important in a SLMC, as a student will not (usually) ask for adaptive technology, since they might not know they exist, or they might be too shy or embarressed to request it. However, if it is available, and there is an astute librarian manning the library, the SLMS can direct the student to the computer/devices he or she needs.
This also encourages SLMS to be proactive - explaining to the teachers what is available and what its purpose is, since teachers know their students needs better than the SLMS.
I also think that if low-grade adaptations are made to all computers, that will not affect students who do not need them, but will help students who do without affecting usability.
An SLMS who plans with the ideas of adaptive devices in her mind will definately have an overall positive effect on the SLMC. I hope that will be me.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Heavy reading about the Dept of Ed, google generation and fair use-

Wow, this was heavy reading-especially the Dept of Ed regulations on Enhancing Education through Technology. It was interesting though, since they want students, elementary and high school fluent on the information technology, but do not mandate SLMS on the elementary level. That would seem counterintuitive, since the SLMS is the best resource for introducing students the using the internet in an productive manner.
On the other hand, after reading the research article about the Google generation (in Information Behaviour of the researcher of the future), it seems that the SLMS might soon become unnecessary! Students of this generation seem to have an almost natural fluency with technology that SLMS do not have. They are also much more liable to search for information on the WWW than a book, or even enter a library portal to search through there. This was borne out by my conversation with a SLMS who graduated in the 1970s. She confessed she did not know what a blog or wiki was, and asked me to explain what Facebook was all about. She admitted that her knowledge of technology was far less than the students. She also said that her students were more interested in the web than in books, and that each year she orders more and more DVDs, since that is what circulates the best. It will be interesting seeing if students will come to balance the WWW and books or research books will fall by the wayside.
Fair use is confusing. I admit I did not know much about copyrights, but now whatever I know is confused. (I don't feel to bad, since the author went to law school to understand copyrights). Hopefully, this will be clarified as I continue to read the text.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

LIS-568: My first week

This was the first week of Computer Application in the School Library. I have taken online courses before as an undergraduate, but this completely dwarfed them in terms of the technology utilitzed! I was successfully able to complete it all, but got confused when the podcast kept on popping up as the one from last semester. I kept on hitting subscribe and update until I realized I had the incorrect URL.
It took me a while to realize what delicious was all about, and then I promptly deleted all my personal links that I had imported in and just left the library related ones. It is convient though, since when I logged into the computer in the library, I just had to go to the delicious website and was able to access the class wiki without having to note the URL. It seems a bit much to check other peoples bookmarks, since I have enough keeping track of my own, but I will see if I find this tool helpful.
It is frustrating having to log on to everyone's profile to copy the delicious URL to add to the Google reader and having to note down who did not enter theirs yet and then having to go back and check them again. There probably is an easier way to do it, but I have not figured it out yet. It was, though, interesting reading the profiles.
All in all, I think I signed up, logged in, downloaded and posted whatever needed to be done this week-and I got started on researching the assistive technology newsletter!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

What is this blog about?

Mother, wife, medical transcriptionist, financial aid administrator and now University of Buffalo Master of Library Science student- so many tracks, not enough time. I created this blog to muse about the different tracks my brain takes me to throughout the day. Enjoy!